Our Approach

At All Med Search, we’re committed to delivering recruitment solutions that are as unique as your organization. Every partnership we undertake is driven by a tailored strategy, specifically designed to enhance your talent acquisition initiatives. We therefore start not with a standard plan, but with a conversation – a deep dive into the heart of your business values and staffing needs.

Leveraging our expertise in value-based hiring, advanced technology, and our team of experienced recruiters, we are poised to source qualified nurses for your organization, effectively lowering your talent acquisition expenses. Our program serves as a practical approach to sustain a top-tier healthcare team while simultaneously reducing costs.

Every partnership we embark on is powered by a customized strategy, meticulously crafted to amplify your talent acquisition efforts. We don’t just find candidates; we curate a flow of top-tier talent specifically aligned with your needs. At the heart of our strategy is a profound understanding of your organization’s culture. By working in close concert with your team and hiring managers from day one, we ensure a seamless alignment with your ethos.

Our recruiters, dedicated exclusively to your account, become ambassadors of your brand. They’re not just recruiters; they’re an extension of your team, fully committed to understanding and representing the nuances of your organization in every interaction with potential candidates and hiring managers.

We don’t just recruit for you; we recruit as you, embodying your vision and goals to attract the best talent that resonates with your organization’s unique character.



    Our RPO solutions are tailored to your unique business goals and budgetary needs. This ensures that you receive personalized solutions perfectly aligned with your specific requirements.


    All recruitment expenses are covered by us, including recruiter salaries, office space, technology, recruitment tools, and marketing costs.


    Our team comprises seasoned account managers, skilled strategic leaders, and trained recruitment specialists.


    Reduced hiring-cycle time, hiring costs, premium labor expenses, staffing agency fees and marketing expenses.


The cost of our RPO solutions vary based on several factors, including hiring volumes, position types (hard-to-fill, volume), number of locations, number of hiring managers, requested services, and other variables.

Our typical pricing model combines a management fee, plus reduced placement fee (fixed fee or % of salary) payable on successful placement of the candidate.