Leading the Way in International Healthcare Professional Placement: All Med Search’s Commitment to Excellence

All Med Search stands as the premier agency in the United States for direct hire and permanent placement of international healthcare professionals. We are experts in bringing top-tier international healthcare talent and healthcare facilities across the USA together, effectively addressing the nation’s healthcare professional shortage. Our expertise lies in meticulously selecting exceptional candidates who fulfill the benchmarks set by our client healthcare partners. Operating across various medical disciplines, we engage closely with each candidate, ensuring they fully grasp the process from start to finish.

  • As a company founded by U.S. immigrants, we understand first hand the complexities and challenges of making such a significant transition. Our team is proficient in every facet of the immigration and visa application process, committed to providing comprehensive support to our nurses and their families at every step. Our own journey as immigrants fuels our dedication to placing international healthcare in full time, direct hire positions across the United States, while simultaneously achieving the objectives of both our healthcare clients and candidates.


All Med Search Streamlines Solutions for Today’s Complex Healthcare Staffing Challenges 
Our leadership team has over 30 years of experience partnering with hospitals across the United States to integrate international nurses and allied health professionals into their core staff. Our expertise at All Med Search centers on empowering U.S. hospitals to successfully recruit and hire top-tier healthcare professionals from around the globe. This strategic partnership bolsters improves staff retention and elevates employee morale by alleviating stress with a well-balanced team, guarantees stability, and upholds safe patient-to-staff ratios, paving the way for long-term, sustainable staffing solutions.
The All Med Search International team expertly oversees the entire process of delivering highly qualified healthcare professionals to our clients. This comprehensive service includes not only recruitment but also navigating immigration procedures, handling licensing and credentialing, as well as providing extensive support to these practitioners to ensure their successful assimilation into the U.S. healthcare system and culture, thereby facilitating a seamless transition into the American professional environment.



All Med Search expertly facilitates direct hire job placements for international nurses within the United States’ healthcare sector. Our approach includes thorough and comprehensive support throughout the process.
The demand for international nurses in the United States is at an unprecedented high. All Med Search connects nurses and allied health professionals from around the world with healthcare facilities and hospitals across the USA to address this critical shortage. Our direct hire recruitment strategy ensures that healthcare facilities will provide you with a long-term position, sponsor your and your family’s Green Card or TN Visa, and offer the same compensation and benefits as they would to an American nurse. For foreign-educated nurses, the opportunity to begin your journey in the American healthcare system is now.