Tackling YOUR Nurse Shortage Head-On: All Med Search’s RPO Travel Nurse Reduction Program

Healthcare facilities are currently navigating some tough challenges, particularly when it comes to staffing. At All Med Search, we’ve recognized the strain and financial stress that comes with relying too heavily on travel nurses. It’s a concern we hear time and time again, and that’s exactly why we rolled out our Travel Nurse Reduction Program.

Hesitant To Outsource To Something New?

It’s normal to have reservations about adopting a new approach to recruitment, especially when it comes to managing costs and operational change. Let’s address these concerns head-on:  This program isn’t just another service; it’s a targeted solution designed to strengthen your core nursing/ healthcare staff without busting the budget. By leveraging our expertise and technology, we help hospitals find and keep great clinicians and reduce the need for costly temporary solutions.

I’m already spending too much on premium labor; I can’t afford additional recruiting expenses.

Most organizations believe that talent acquisition is a cost center. We hold a different perspective. At All Med Search, our goal is to help you increase the bottom line for your organization by finding you full time employees who align with your values and want to stay long-term, thereby saving you millions of dollars on expensive temp, travel and contractor costs. We view our partnership as a cost-effective strategy, especially for hospitals looking to tighten their belts. By establishing clear service-level agreements (SLAs), we set performance and savings targets, assuring you get value for money. The comprehensive cost of RPO services often ends up being much less than the cumulative spend on travel nurses, not to mention the added benefits of reduced turnover and enhanced staff quality. Please view our Case Study by clicking here.

Time and Capacity Constraints? Not a Problem:

Worried about the time it’ll take to implement this solution? Our team is prepared with efficient processes and technology to make the transition smooth and quick, with minimal effort required from your end. We slot into your existing systems, freeing up your HR department to focus on other pressing needs.

Maintaining Safe Staffing Levels With Fewer Travelers

Travel nurses are a band-aid solution to a more systemic issue. Our program focuses on achieving a sustainable mix of core staff and travel nurses, ensuring patient safety and financial health go hand-in-hand. We employ data and forecasting to help you anticipate and meet talent needs without compromising care or cost.

Is working with an RPO really going to improve our culture?

Absolutely. A robust hospital culture is central to nurse retention. Our recruitment strategies are tailored to not only fill positions but to enhance your work environment by matching you with nurses who share your values. This cultural fit is key to building resilient, long-term teams.

We already have an in-house recruiter; We don’t need to pay for another

The healthcare recruitment landscape has shifted, making it harder for in-house teams to focus solely on nursing recruitment.That’s where we come in. Our specialized RPO recruiters are 100% dedicated to finding the right nursing talent, using advanced tools and strategies that an in-house team may not have access to.

To learn more about All Med Search’s Travel Nurse Reduction Program, check out our Healthcare Employers Recruiting Solutions page

We invite you to explore our Travel Nurse Reduction Program further. Visit our dedicated solutions page for more information or to reach to our CEO, Nadia Gruzd out for a personal consultation. Our team is ready to help you transition to a more sustainable staffing model that prioritizes both financial health and quality patient care.