Tackle YOUR Nurse Shortage with All Med Search’s RPO and International Travel Nurse Reduction Program

Healthcare facilities are grappling with tough staffing challenges and travel nurses are a temporary fix to a deeper issue.  At All Med Search, we understand the financial strain and dependency issues associated with over-reliance on contractors. Our Travel Nurse Reduction Program is designed to address this specific challenge. Our RPO and International programs offer  a long term solution, ensuring patient safety and financial stability. We use data and forecasting to anticipate and meet your talent needs without compromising on care or cost.



Our Direct Hire Solution: A Permanent Fix: Direct hire, or permanent placement, means employing candidates directly on your facility’s payroll. These are full-time positions offering the same pay and benefits as any other similar role. Unlike travel, contract, temp, or per diem roles, these are stable, long-term engagements. All Med Search connects U.S. healthcare facilities with skilled professionals worldwide to effectively address your nursing shortage.

Overcoming Recruitment Hesitations: Adopting a new recruitment approach can be daunting, especially concerning cost management and operational changes. Our program is more than just a service; it’s a solution aimed at bolstering your core nursing and healthcare staff affordably. By leveraging our expertise, we enable hospitals to recruit and retain top clinicians, reducing the need for expensive, temporary staffing.


Cost Concerns? We Have You Covered: We see talent acquisition not as a cost center, but as an investment in your facility’s future. Our approach aims to boost your bottom line by sourcing full-time employees who embody your values and commitment to long-term service, saving you from the high costs associated with temporary staffing. Our performance and savings targets ensure you get the best value for your investment. Compare our comprehensive RPO and International recruitment costs against your current spending on travel nurses – the savings, along with reduced turnover and improved staff quality, are significant. Check out our Case Study for detailed insights.


Efficient Implementation: Time and Capacity Considerations: Our team is equipped with efficient processes and technology for a seamless transition, integrating smoothly into your existing systems. This allows your HR department to focus on other critical areas.

Supporting In-House Recruitment Efforts: The healthcare recruitment landscape is evolving, challenging in-house teams with the complexities of nursing recruitment. Our specialized RPO and International recruiters bring dedicated expertise, tools, and strategies to find the right nursing talent, complementing the efforts of your in-house team.


Improving Culture with International Talent: A strong hospital culture is key to staff retention. Our recruitment strategies go beyond filling positions; they’re about enhancing your work environment with candidates who align with your culture. This cultural fit is crucial for building resilient, long-term teams.

Learn More About Our Travel Nurse Reduction Program: Explore our Travel Nurse Reduction Program further by visiting our dedicated solutions page. For a personal consultation, reach out to our CEO, Nadia Gruzd (nadia@allmedsearch.com).

Our team is committed to transitioning your facility to a sustainable staffing model that balances financial health with quality patient care.