External Recruiters Bring Value in Permanent Placement


Staffing shortages remain one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare sector and this offers top talent with an extensive list of ready career opportunities when looking to make the next move and leaves healthcare facilities in a perpetual chase for top talent.

But for the candidate and for the healthcare facility, finding the right opportunity and finding the right talent take time and resource. Whether it is the candidate and the healthcare facility knowing which job board will produce the best results or knowing where to market for the best outcome, it is an investment.

External recruiters play a key role in lessening this investment in helping healthcare facilities achieve their hiring goals faster and helping candidates identify and prepare for the opportunities that fulfill their career goals.

Often, the right candidate is not actively looking for the position and the intrinsic value of the external recruiter is in identifying and engaging that talent, bringing awareness to the opportunity and eliciting interest on behalf of the facility.

Key services top external recruiters offer:


For the Facility:

For the Job Seeker:

  • Match the best talent through understanding of organizational culture and needs
  • Comprehend background and individual career goals to match to great opportunities
  • Fill the talent pipeline by sourcing, qualifying, and delivering top candidates
  • Reduce candidate search time by identifying the best career opportunities
  • Ensure a closed loop process in coordinating with candidate and facility
  • Assist in resume development and coach for interview preparation
  • Optimize the candidate experience by maintaining candidate engagement through the hiring lifecycle
  • Provide more direct access to decision makers and avoid getting lost in the database
  • Provide insights to inform hiring strategies
  • Guide on market compensation and assist in salary negotiation
  • Augment internal recruiting capacity in sourcing critical talent needs.
  • Be the go-to for ongoing career support