Why Work With a Recruiter During Your Next Job Search

There are many stresses in life and making a career change can certainly be one of them…BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE. Using a recruiter to assist you with your job search is one way to alleviate the stresses that come along with life changing event.

Below are some reasons as to why it’s beneficial to use a recruiter and how to get the most out of working with a recruiter to assist with landing your dream job.

FREE RESOURCE & PROMOTER FOR YOU – There is no cost or risk for a candidate to leverage the expertise and access that a recruiter will provide. They get paid by the employer that hires you, so their #1 goal is to do everything they can to put you in the best position possible to get hired.  They want you to get that job just as bad as you want it.

  • A recruiter will provide you with:
    • A leg up on other candidates as they will have already sung your praises to the hiring manager and connected the dots between your work experience and the open position prior to you having the interview
    • Suggested adjustments needed to be made to your resume that they know will catch the hiring managers attention
    • All the details you need to know about the job and company you’re interviewing for
    • Details of what the hiring manager is looking for
    • What questions to ask and not ask the hiring manager
    • Prep you for questions that they know the hiring manager will ask you in the interview

INCREASED ACCESS TO HIRING MANAGER – YOU WON’T GET LOST IN THE SHUFFLE – Recruiters have a direct line of communication with the hiring manager and will assist with making sure your resume gets in the right hands and is actually seen. Often hiring managers are getting numerous applications that are sent to them from the various job boards and it is a cumbersome process for them to sift through these to find ones that fit what they are looking for.  When a recruiter that they have a partnership with sends them a resume for review, it will likely move to the top of the pile for consideration because the hiring manager has provided the recruiter with exact specifications that they are seeking in a candidate.

CONFIDENTIALITY CAN BE KEY – Many times candidates are seeking to make a career move while still being employed. With this said, it’s not ideal to have your resume out there on the job boards with a chance for your current employer to see which could ultimately lead to a very uncomfortable conversation.  If you work directly with a recruiter, then that can alleviate the need of having to post your resume on the internet for all to see.  Once your recruiter knows what type of role you are seeking, they will provide you with opportunities that they think might be of interest to you and, also go out and directly market your credentials to select companies that you’re ok with knowing that you are on the market.

SAVE TIME – You could spend hours and hours scouring the internet looking for that perfect job. Recruiters have a pulse on what opportunities are available and are there to do the legwork for you. Once you provide a recruiter with the specific criteria you are seeking with your career move, they can work to present you with opportunities that meet your standards.

ACCESS TO UNPUBLISHED JOB OPPORTUNITES – Some companies have job openings that they don’t post on public job boards for a variety of reasons. Working with a recruiter can open up additional opportunities that you would never know existed.  Your dream job could be out there and you might never know it was available.

INDUSTRY EXPERTS WITH TONS OF CONTACTS – Recruiters often focus on a specific industry and are experts in that industry. A good recruiter will have many contacts with hiring managers within the field that you work in.  You might not always get hired for the first position that your recruiter presents to you, but after you build that initial relationship with you recruiter they will continue to present you with additional opportunities that fit what you’re looking for.


Making a career move doesn’t have to be a stressful, unenjoyable experience.  Utilizing a recruiter and having them by your side every step of the way will increase the chances that the job search process is a pleasant one, while bettering your odds of finding that dream job you are seeking.