5 Reasons to Continue Your Job Search During the Holiday Season

Many people assume that the holidays are the worst time of year for a job search – which is actually far from the truth. The holiday season can actually be one of the best times of the year to search for your new job.


Reason 1: Starting the New Year Off with Great Benefits and Potentially a Higher Salary

Securing a job just before the start of the new year, it can create peace of mind to know that you have a financial plan – you might get a generous sign on bonus, better benefits, or higher salary with a new position.

Reason 2: Less Competition While Applying

Since many people tend to take time off of work during the holiday season and the end of the year, you might have less competition while applying.You have a higher chance of your resume being seen by the right people – and your job search can come to an end sooner!

Reason 3: Potential Holiday Pay

If you start your new position in mid to late December, you might have to work a holiday or two. While this can sound like something that isn’t too exciting; you can potentially earn some extra money to spend during the gift-giving season.
You may also get to take advantage of employee discounts and holiday sales. Many stores have some great discounts for healthcare providers!

Reason 4: More Networking Opportunities

You can often find many social and business events during the holidays where you can meet other professionals and other people who can help introduce you to new connections.

Consider bringing some business cards and preparing your elevator pitch for the holiday events you attend!

Reason 5: More Jobs Available

Since companies tend to have a better idea of their hiring needs and budgets towards the end of the year, more positions become available. Be sure to use this to your advantage and apply to every position you are qualified for!


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