March Your Way to a Pay Raise

Healthcare Business

Know Your Value

Prepare yourself by making a list of your accomplishments and specific contributions to the company, explaining why you deserve a pay raise. Collecting positive feedback from coworkers can help your case. Strategies may vary with different positions, but review and practice what you are going to say. This will make yourself sound much more confident when you do bring it to your supervisor. Reference accomplishments that prove why you deserve this raise and never read off of a paper!

Make It Official

Your next step should be to request a meeting through a professional email. Use your best judgment when determining the correct approach based on your workplace environment and the personalities involved. Requesting a pay raise during a busy shift or in the middle of a busy time of year could be counterproductive.

When determining meeting details, make sure you give yourselves enough time to sit down and talk through everything, even if that means coming in before your shift, unpaid. If a follow-up meeting is necessary, make sure that there is a clear date and time that will take place.

Let’s Talk Money

Look up job postings for similar titles in your area to see what others are earning. Make sure to have a realistic expectation as to what your company can provide for you. Again, remain confident and refer back to the list of your accomplishments. Management is busy, and although it’s no excuse to forget to schedule reviews, if it’s been a particularly busy few months, it is understandable.

Not the Right Time

What if your supervisor tells you they cannot provide you with a pay raise? You should ask what you need to do to make sure, when the time is right, that you will be eligible for the next pay raise. Do not take it personally. After your meeting, your supervisor may be looking for you to go above and beyond to see if you deserve the raise. No matter what your supervisor’s answer is, make sure to send an email thanking them for their time. Regardless of the outcome of the conversation, your supervisor will likely appreciate you bringing it to their attention and will keep an open mind looking forward.

Be Persistent

After your talk with your supervisor, it is time to be persistent and focus on your work. If the answer was yes, prove to your supervisor that they made the right decision. If the answer was no, you should be working even harder to show your supervisor that you can handle more responsibilities, deserving the pay raise. Avoid complaining and always maintain a positive attitude!

Know When to Walk

If you’ve done your research and put in the hard work, know when to walk away. If you’ve been passed over on pay raises and promotions you think you deserve, talk to one of All Med Search’s recruiters today! All Med Search strives to connect you with the right job opportunity to meet your unique career goals. When you trust your job search to the healthcare placement specialists at All Med Search, you get personalized assistance and the benefit of our industry expertise. All Med Search exists to help healthcare professionals achieve their short and long-term career goals. Click here to contact us today!