The Power of Charisma


Charismatic people close more deals and gain more respect. The word “charisma” comes from the ancient Greeks and means “divine power.” A leader with charisma has the ability to charm, influence and mesmerize people exclusively with the power of their personality. Charismatic leadership is about using charm to engage an audience and gather a following. A charismatic leader is frequently an excellent communicator and has an attractive personality that naturally works to convince the audience about his or her views and opinions.

According to Olivia Fox Cabane, author of The Charisma Myth, there are three components to charisma: Presence, Power, and Warmth. Charismatic people are powerful people. Power, as stated by Cabane, simply “means being perceived as able to affect the world around us, whether through influence on or authority over others, large amounts of money, expertise, intelligence, sheer physical strength, or high social status.”

Increasing your charismatic power may seem impossible, but even the word impossible can be broken down into “I’m Possible”. How you are perceived by others is what matters and being perceived as charismatic is about body language and appearance.

It beings with boosting your confidence. You have to believe it first. If you feel confident and powerful, others will feel it too.  Make eye contact with people. This draws people in and shows them you’re interested in them. Look people in the eye as soon as you enter a room and maintain eye contact while you’re speaking with them. Lean in and keep your arms uncrossed to keep your body language open. Crossing your arms closes you off to people but keeping your arms at your sides shows people you’re open.

Empathy is a quality that most people admire in leadership and a way to show that you care is to simply listen and maintain eye contact. To do this successfully, you need to block out everything else that’s going on and make the other person feel like the only person in the room and that they matter to you in that moment.

Even in 2019 where anything seems to go, your attire says something about you, be it positive or negative. The clothing you choose becomes a part of your personal brand. Research has proven that people feel more confident and empowered when they dress the part. Your clothing choices can raise your self-esteem; we can’t help but absorb the energy of the clothes we’re wearing. Try it for yourself: put on some old unflattering clothing and perceive how you feel. Then, change into something classy and professional and note the difference.

And always stay positive. Successful people don’t dwell on the negative; they create an opportunity and put a positive spin on things. Avoid conversations about the impending crises that many are certain lie ahead. Instead, turn the conversation toward uplifting stories and ideas.

Becoming more aware about how you connect with others, and what impression you leave behind, will ensue that you are an effective and influential leader.

Nadia Gruzd